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Ghosts of Burma

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Refugees are fleeing unspeakable ethnic cleansing ion Burma’s eastern border. One small boy is killed in front of his mother and his spirit lifts skyward to become a ghost. Auk’s ghost watches over his mother Aom and her friend Mon who are soon enslaved in work camps on the Thai border. They escape and join the many Burmese or Maung in the Thai coastal city of Pattaya.

This flashy resort town that offers just about everything to tourists, is heaving with Maung and the police are getting nervous and trigger happy. Something is about to blow, and it does. In a despicable act an outlier Burmese throws a bomb into a crowded restaurant bringing horrific carnage. He is shot in the street by self-styled killer sheriff Chief Timon.

Amid the growing tension, a couple named Grace and Brodie arrive from overseas hoping to patch up a frayed relationship. She is unaware of the city’s colourful character and they soon fight over that and his new interest in an attractive bar girl named Challai. The lady is not all that she appears to be. She is a shrewd enabler to the Maung diaspora who has come to the attention of the ever- violent Police Chief Timon. Brodie winds up in jail under heavy interrogation when he is unexpectedly sprung by Grace’s father Ralph, a presumably retired CIA with many friends in influential places.

Finally, back on the street he struggles to renew things with Grace as he plays the dangerous game of sleeping with the enemy in the form of the very seductive Challai. This juggling act can’t last and doesn’t last. As he tries to make sense of his life Ralph and a retired Black Ops Major named Dane Van Dyke assist some of the Maung freedom fighters in raiding the diabolical work camps where so much pain and death has occurred. Brodie is happy to help as they all live in interesting times. Watching over all are the restless ghosts of the dead including Auk, a lost soul yearning for peace and justice.

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