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Ghosts of Burma

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David Byeree is a teacher of English in Australia, who also happens to be a novelist. Ghosts of Burma is his second crime thriller, with a new departure into the supernatural. In his previous incarnation as a Security Operative David has witnessed people in many diverse situations including life and death struggles where the outcome was far from certain. He has come to know that survival is at the heart of the human condition. Yes, in his adventures David has come to know that some people will do almost anything to get what they want. Even murder, which is why he explores the crime thriller genre and more in his fiction.

David has lived and worked overseas in mega-cities like Tokyo and London with some years early in life in America. His first novel dealt with conflict among various warring groups in the UK capitol while Ghosts of Burma has been informed by living in Tokyo and various parts of Thailand.

He has gained an understanding that people separated by half a world of real estate are not that different whatever the circumstances. We all have hopes, fears and beliefs, only some make bad choices that can have unintended consequences and collateral damage. As said by the author, ‘I want to explore the human psyche through my narratives, I want to give a glimpse of someone under so much pressure they are willing to do almost anything to get what they want or to stop the pain.

David feels the pain of his characters just as he does with real people in real situations. The plight of Burmese refugees has been close to his heart for some time. Go on a journey with him as he explores the souls of the desperate rich and poor and gets inside the heads of the crooked or honest and those in between.


David Byerlee discusses his novel Ghosts of Burma

Chapter 1

Flight for life

Mon Thaik reached towards her friend Aom, whose protective arms were wrapped tightly around her small son Auk. Plumes of black smoke rose from villages in the distance, a dark beacon of the soldiers’ horrific deeds..

Chapter 2

A bombing in Paradise

The Bay of Pattaya sparkled under the moonlight, the waters just meters away from where Tan and Chie Shin sat eating tom ung gung, a spicy prawn soup with Chicken Rama at the Siam Star in Pattaya...

Chapter 3

Irreconcilable differences

Brodie Jackson poured another drink with all the skill and finesse of the cocktail waiter he’d once been. Around him, guests joked and laughed. The sultry summer air was perfect for a midnight drinking party...


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